Wednesday, May 02, 2012

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Elton Gallegly wrote an excellent opinion piece for the Ventura County Stardetailing just
how devastating illegal immigration is for the future of America’s young citizens through
fraud and identity theft. Citing a recent Pew Hispanic Center study, forty percent of illegal
immigrants are visa overstays who come from around the world and that percentage will
only continue to rise just as illegal immigrants need for fraudulent documents to obtain
employment will continue to rise. Gallegly also argues that border security is not enough
to combat the victimization of our children.

Ronald Mortensen, a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, testified at a congressional
hearing earlier this month, "The use of fraudulent documents for employment authorization
and child identity theft go hand in hand because adults can use children's Social Security
numbers for years without being detected.” He also pointed out that document fraud is
“not a victimless crime.” For example, Jennifer Andrushko’s 3-year-old son had his identity
stolen by an illegal immigrant, who then used it to fraudulently obtain work and run up
unpaid medical bills, including for care at an OB/GYN’s office!

But it gets worse – the Social Security Administration issued Andrushko’s son at 
birth a Social Security number that had already been used for years by an illegal 
immigrant AND the illegal immigrant who created the fake Social Security 
number – corrupting this newborn’s credit, medical history, work history and 
potential for being denied future benefits – was arrested and placed on an
 immigration hold and yet released TWICE. She runs free while the innocent 
little boy has a criminal record.

As Gallegly wrote, this is not an isolated case. The Social Security Administration actuary
estimates that 75 percent of illegal immigrants – roughly 9 million individuals – obtain and
use a fraudulent Social Security number.  Children are 51 times more likely to be victims of
identity theft than adults, according to a Carnegie Mellon CyLab survey, because the illegal
use of their Social Security numbers can go unnoticed for many years. As Mortenson noted,
"E-Verify can help dramatically reduce job-related, child identity theft because an employer
using the system in good faith cannot legally enter a child's date of birth when the employee
is obviously an adult."

U.S. District Judge Ricardo Martinez on Tuesday fined Duvall, WA-based HerbCo International
Inc. $1 million for firing, then rehiring illegal immigrants following a federal audit. The Seattle
Times reports three company officials, including CEO Ted Andrews, pleaded guilty to mis-
demeanor charges.

HerbCo fired nearly 90 illegal immigrants following a U.S. Immigration and Customs
Enforcement audit, but then rehired some of the workers, paid them cash and asked them to
work at night when production began to drop.

ICE learned of the rehiring scheme after being tipped off by an HerbCo employee who sent
them photos of cash-filled envelopes.

Should you wish to boycott this company, a list of their farms and products can be found here:

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