Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama Bypasses Congress, Grants Amnesty For Votes

Obama to Grant Amnesty to Young Illegal Immigrants Today!

The scheming Obama administration will announce at 1:15 P.M. today its plan to ENFORCE THE DREAM ACT GRANTING AMNESTY TO AN ESTIMATED 800,000 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who entered this country at a young age!

It’s here, just like we knew it would be – Obama’s DREAM Act Executive Order.

Taking a cue from the successful election tactics of France’s new SOCIALIST president, Barack Hussein Obama will STOP DEPORTING ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who entered this country at a young age, and it’s starting TODAY!

Despite our repeated defeat of the DREAM – Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors – Act on Capitol Hill, Obama is taking matters into his own greedy hands to force a nightmare executive order on us instead.

Obama’s re-election depends on shoring up his favorability with Hispanic voters in swing states like Florida and Colorado, and what better way to shore up the vote than by granting their young illegal immigrant relatives Amnesty right from the presidential podium.

Attempting to make Amnesty more palatable for our bankrupt country, Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano justified it as helping “productive young people.”

But you better believe this is a cold, calculated political decision – one made in Obama’s best interest, not in America’s because not only will these 800,000+ individuals never face deportation, they will LEGALLY join millions of unemployed Americans competing for work across the county.

The desperate Campaigner-in-Chief Obama’s decision to grant Amnesty via executive fiat could very well hand him the election in November unless we act right now.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told reporters earlier this morning that the traitorous announcement is scheduled for 1:15 p.m. She also tried to sugarcoat Obama’s Amnesty announcement as a “grant of deferred action” and an “exercise of discretion so that these young people are not in the removal system.”

"It will help us continue to streamline immigration enforcement, ensure that resources are not spent pursuing the removal of low priority cases involving productive young people,” said Napolitano.

But we’re not buying it, and neither is the rest of America.

Just as we saw the DREAM – Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors – Act defeated time and time again, we shall see Obama’s executive fiat doling out Amnesty and handing over our jobs to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants DEFEATED. This time, however, we’re working from the top-down.

This is only the beginning, America.

The Amnesty slippery slope will get even steeper as the election gets closer and Obama gets more desperate.

More and more illegal immigrants will be given a free pass regardless of the dangerous social and economic implications until all 12 million are here to stay with no recourse for the folks like you and I whose country is being stolen from beneath our feet.

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