Sunday, October 07, 2012

Obama Will Quit

Obama Will Quit

Reading the body language and poor performance put forth by Obama in last week’s Presidential Debate, it is easy to draw the conclusion that he just wants out.

He has met his life goal by achieving the presidency and fears that another four years would not be in his best interest. His resume is complete, he is done.

Indicators also include the statement by him, pre-debate, that practicing for the debate is a ‘drag’. Couple that with the fact he has people shopping for a suitable home for him in Hawaii and we have a good idea of where this is going. He feels no loyalty or obligation to Chicago, his constituency, or his backers. His fake attempts to rouse his base with promises of socializing America have failed, so why continue ...

This is a big problem for Obama. He owes many people around the globe who would be seriously pissed if he just dropped out of the race leaving the hapless Biden holding the bag. It could even be fatal for him, in terms of finances and reputation with his backers. Many millions remain invested in his presidency and the only way out is to perform poorly and blow the election like a boxer taking a dive.

When we eventually see the lack-luster performance in the upcoming debate[s] we will be sure his plan is to fade away and live the rest of his life in paradisiacal splendor and solitude.

All the better for America.

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