Saturday, October 06, 2012

Why Is Obama A Democrat?

Why Is Obama A Democrat?

To my knowledge no one has asked this question, but it might be important. 

Does he have a genuine desire to lift up the down trodden, the under achiever, the illegal alien which is his base, or did he discover early on that these very people he says he wants to help are the people who are easiest to deceive?

How is it he feels confident to accuse his opposition of the very things he himself is and has been planning for years? It is because his followers will not question his statements and therefore it does not matter if the other side calls him out ... his followers will stubbornly stick by him.

At the first debate Obama accused Romney several times of planning tax increases, which Romney repeatedly denied. The very next day, Vice-President Joe Biden proclaimed loudly in public, that yes there will be a 1 trillion dollar tax increase put in place by the Democrats, canceling the Bush era tax cuts. 

Historically, Democrats have raised taxes, while Republicans have lowered them. 

His voter base will applaud this because it punishes the comfortably wealthy and supposedly will put more freebies on their own plate. But it won’t actually help the poor or illegal person. It will simply buy votes with promises and squander the new tax revenue.

I thought I was born a Democrat. I thought all working people were required to be Democrats. I worked for a living and belonged to various unions which of course were extensions of the Democratic party and/or other groups. I blindly voted the Democratic ticket without studying issues or backgrounds. Being a Democrat insured me a job. This is what nearly all young people think, that the Democratic party will protect and provide for you as long as you are loyal.

This is conditioned ignorance and it is what the Democratic Party relies upon. It is idealistic and unsustainable.

It is my observation that Barack Hussein Obama is at very least a smooth talking con man whose talents are more suited to being a Talk Show host/TV preacher. Nothing in his background qualifies him to be where he is today, and is a testimony to his ability to deceive, blatantly.

He has a face and a glib demeanor which allows him to get what he wants from ignorant people. He walks and talks like a messiah while promoting a self-serving socialist agenda. He is currently engaged in calling Romney a liar while being unable to defend his own extremely poor record. He promises better things in 4 more years, but his history strongly suggests otherwise.

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